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Germanium vs. Silicon Transistors. September 11, 2013 Overdrive/Distortion, Technical One facet of the design process here at Keeley Electronics comes down to selecting not just the highest quality components for use in our pedals, but the right component for the sounds we're trying to achieve.

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E.S.V. Fuzz (Extra Special Vintage) Germanium PNP PNP transistors lend themselves better to a The original germanium Fuzz Face used PNP transistors

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Germanium transistors were used before the introduction of silicon and have become increasingly difficult to find in acceptable condition PNP germanium transistor.

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I am trying to find data on pnp germanium XB8 and XB9 transistors. I need the specs on them so I can maybe find matching replacements. I have looked all over the internet and no luck at all. They are used in the FM IF section in a AMC AM FM Phono console radio. These transistors are in a TO7 package. Any of you have experience with these

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551 results found: 10 germanium transistors NKT275 Fuzz! · MPF4393 + + + 10er Pack + + + Nchannel JFET VHF T · 10 x AC151 VII Germanium Transistor PNP TO1

[1802.01662] Characterizing Germanium Junction Transistors

Abstract: Transistors have provided the basis of modern electronics. Being relatively intrie devices, and often exhibiting intense parameter variation, this type

Bipolar junction transistor Wikipedia

20191111&ensp·&enspA bipolar junction transistor (bipolar transistor or BJT) is a type of transistor that uses both electrons and holes as charge carriers.. Unipolar transistors, such as fieldeffect transistors, only use one kind of charge carrier.BJTs use two junctions between two semiconductor types, ntype and ptype.. BJTs are manufactured in two types: NPN and PNP, and are available as individual

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1 AC128 PNP Germanium transistor, new old stock, made by Tungsram. They are one of the most popular fuzz face transistors. Gain range is 65130, so they are right in

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2005529&ensp·&enspTwo Tested 2N501 Germanium PNP MADT HighFreq Transistors (See the Style Shown Above) Hobbyist Insert Depicting the Historical Importance of this Classic Transistor, Includes a Schematic of an Early Transistor Digital Logic Circuit Using the 2N501 MADT Transistor . A TransistorMuseum™ Classic

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Germanium, Transistors Semiconductor available Semiconductors Transistors Germanium TRANSISTOR PNP GERMANIUM 320V IC=10A TO3 POWER OUTOUT HORIZONTAL AND

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GERMANIUM TRANSISTORS The following table lists the parameters for Germanium transistors. The column marked Case is the outline of the transistor case.


HISTORY OF GERMANIUM TRANSISTORS Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

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NTE Type Number: Appliion: Maximum Breakdown Voltage (Volts) Maximum Collector Current (Amps) Maximum Collector Dissipation (Watts) Typical Forward Current

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The PNP Germanium complementary transistors are in a TO1 type package NTE Electronics NTE105 NTE Electronics NTE105 PNP Germanium Transistor for

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AD149 Power output transistors, Germanium PNP in the standard T03 package. These will replace AX1138, AT1138, 2N301, 2SB337 transistors used in the Astor car radios.

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SpareElectronicParts. Has new, new old stock, and obsolete transistors in stock, including hard to find germanium transistors used in restorations, projects, and

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2004527&ensp·&enspDon't know on the germaniums but my understanding is that when you buy them you have to test for leakage, so you have to

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Germanium Transistors. Products. Sort by: Product Price Default Sales. per page AC122. GeTransistor PNP 30V 0,2A. OC70 Germanium PNP Transistor.

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The American 2N series Transistors. The 2N173 and 2N174 are germanium PNP power types made by Delco from 1956 onwards, for use in car radios.

PNP Transistor Tutorial The Bipolar PNP Transistor

Generally, the PNP transistor can replace NPN transistors in most electronic circuits, the only difference is the polarities of the voltages, and the directions of the current flow. PNP transistors can also be used as switching devices and an example of a PNP transistor switch is shown below. A PNP Transistor Circuit

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AC167: Thorn/Mazda new old stock AC167. This is a germanium PNP transistor preferred for use in class B push pull and AF output appliions ٢.95 Add to cart

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germanium transistors PNP datasheet, cross reference, circuit and appliion notes in pdf format.

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20191130&ensp·&ensp(*) Applies to shipments to Germany with our Standard courier service DHL when paid via PayPal, credit card or Lastschrift. Delivery times for other countries and shipping methods can be found on our shipping information page.Offers are valid as long as stocks last.

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201428&ensp·&enspHello guys i've found some old germanium transistors (ASZ15) and i would like to build an amp with them, nothing too complex, just a amp with that germanium sound just i don't know where to start, i want to create a simple (using stuff that i can recover form old things) quasi complementary (they're both PNP) amp, any ideas? i can't even found a datasheet about them!

NTE158 Germanium PNP Transistor Audio Power

NTE158 Germanium PNP Transistor Audio Power Amplifier Description: The NTE158 is a germanium PNP triode transistor in a TO1 type package designed for low−power,

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HISTORIC GERMANIUM TRANSISTOR. EXPERIMENTER'S PACK #1 . Four Vintage 1950s/1960s Germanium Transistors (NPN, PNP, Audio and Hi Freq)

Transistor CMOS

2015922&ensp·&enspThere are two main types of bipolar junction transistors, the NPN and the PNP transistor. Transistors are "Current Operated Devices" where a much smaller Base current causes a larger Emitter to Collector current, which themselves are nearly equal, to flow.

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PNP Transistor Tutorial The Bipolar PNP Transistor

Electronics Tutorial about the PNP Transistor, the PNP Transistor as a switch and how the PNP Transistor works including its Common Emitter Configuration

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SpareElectronicParts. Has new, new old stock, and obsolete transistors in stock, including hard to find germanium transistors used in restorations, projects, and