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Among the eleven stations the percentage of sand fraction is highest at .Fig. 2: Factor controlling P fractions in the sediments of Kerala Coast .


Abstract. Kallada is one of the worst affected rivers in Kerala. Its .A large quantity of sand is sent to neighbouring state, Tamil Nadu. The .

Measurements of natural gamma radiation in beach sediments of.

like soils, rocks, plants, sand, water and air.is responsible for most of the total radiation Kerala (UNSCEAR, 2000) and Tamilnadu (Radha.

Child Mortality in Maharashtra

(2)What is the extent of under-reporting of .Goa and 78.8 per cent in Kerala [CRS 2002]..sand live births (95 per cent CI, 63.6 to .

Wetland Conversion: The Case of Backwater Reclamation in Kerala

information about wetlands in Kerala in the third.the cost of their choices on other members of .and inside these screens is filled with sand.

.status of the sandwich tern Sterna sandvicensis in Kerala

Review of the status of the sandwich tern Sterna sandvicensis in KeralaKurup, D K Narayana.

Red rain in Kerala - Wikipedia

Kottayam district in Kerala, which experienced the.rain contained dust, sand, fat globules, or .is the only hypoth.

ionic and water relations in Avicennia marina from Sand.

Publication ยป Seasonal variation in ionic and water relations in Avicennia marina from Sandspit, Karachi, Pakistan..

The traditional fisherfolk of Kerala - Part II - An article .

20121016-This article by Aarti Kelkar - Khambete describes the economy of fishing among the traditional fisherfolk of Kerala

Effect of T.M.V. and certain chemicals on the rhizosphere .

and certain chemicals on the rhizosphere microflora.sandsprayingspraystobaccoureaIn pot experiments 65-.Agricultural Research Journal of KeralaBalakrishna.

Heavy mineral variation in the deep sea sediment of .

The present study is based on heavy mineral .In: Heavy Minerals in Use (eds) Mange M and .The black sand placer deposits of Kerala beach, .

.of Malabar, traditionally the last, is said to have become a

2007526-The name Malayalam is a palindrome and the place name Kerala is a portmanteau a word that combines the sound and meaning of two words, a .

.Different Zones in the Kadalundy Estuary, Kerala, South Indi

K. M. AarifAarif, K.M.: Some aspects of feeding ecology of lesser sand Plover in three different zones in the Kadalundi Estuary, Kerala and South .

.Mikania micrantha HBK: How effective manual cutting is?

5 Mikania (1) where, Y is the change in M. Kerala. J Trop Agric 40: 39- 41. Costanza.Madan SandilyaRajan SubediJournal of Ecology and .

Three Different Zones in the Kadalundi Estuary, Kerala .

Official Full-Text Publication: Some Aspects of Feeding Ecology of Lesser Sand Plover in Three Different Zones in the Kadalundi Estuary, Kerala and South.

Marine sand resources in the south-west continental shelf of .

is a potential source of sand that will need .The inner shelf off southern Kerala in general ..ast can cut cost of on-land transport of .

Word lore of Kerala

Cheralam is Keralam. Cheralan is Keralan. The.The similar sounding word for Keralam suggested .Soft sand in which the feet may sink is puth.

Measuring sustainability in the water sector

for, if the evaluation of its achievement is .sand, for example, that the pump breaks down Kerala, India (personal communication. M. de.

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Vadakkumnathan Hindu Temple at Thrissur is a classical.The earliest vestiges of constructions in Kerala .acter.